rabbit vs. fan

by ernie c ernst

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released May 5, 2005

all songs written by e.c.ernst
additional instruments & noise: b.beisenherz, t.pertll, gretagoo, j.farr
recorded, mixed, and produced by e.c.ernst at rosco's house and b.beisenherz @ ramble creek studio




ernie c ernst Dillon, montana

Texas born, Austin raised, current MonTexan living in Dillon, MT. I like to make noise and sing excessive harmony.

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Track Name: shine
you're a star way up in the sky
you're a star; the apple of your lover's eye
shine bright, shine bright
you're a star; see how high up you can go
you're a star; nobody even knows
shine bright, shine bright
Track Name: don't say that it's over
when you say that it's over
i just can't believe that it's right
i've been safe and warm here on your shoulder
when you hold me at night

i've been watching your eyes
baby, nothing has changed
if you let me try
i will make you want to stay

baby, don't say it's over
just hold me tonight

if you think that i'm letting you walk
without reason or excuse
then you don't have a fighting chance
of breaking loose
Track Name: new york city
i don't wanna live in new york city
'cause it gets cold at night
i'd rather stay right here where the weather's pretty
and the stars live only in the sky

so don't feel sorry for me
'cause i don't live among the lights
i hope you're happy for me
'cause i'm doing alright

i don't think i could live in new york city
my disguise would quickly wear thin
the girls are sophiticated and the boys are pretty
and i just don't fit in

so don't feel sorry for me
'cause i am warm here in the sun
i hope you're happy for me
and i hope you're having fun

i don't wanna live in new york city
Track Name: mary, full of grace
the stage is my confessional
bless me father; i have sinned
it's been too damn long
since my last confession

my sins are unforgivable
they will live with me for years
i've lied and cheated
stolen from the ones i love the most
bathed in a river of their tears

hail mary, full of grace
blessed among women
pray for all our sinning

all i wanted was a chance to tell my story
that's why i started all along
i used to sing you pretty things
about your eyes and broken wings
now i don't have time to write you
no more songs

it's like i sold my soul
just to pay my rent
when i had enough in change
these little dreams we move around
like furniture
somebody else comes in to rearrange

hail mary, full of grace
blessed among women
pray for all our sinning
after all, we are just women
Track Name: running shoes
look at you all dolled up; ready to run
like a moth to the sun
you're poised to win the unwinnable race
it's like a slap to the face

'cause i want it too
just as bad as you
but i don't have the proper running shoes

it's not about me trying to settle the score
or i think i deserve more
i am just trying to get my fair share
when i know there's some to spare

'cause i want it too
just as bad as you
but i don't shine and sparkle like you do

tell me your secrets; mine are locked in a box
i'll show you where i keep it
and let us put all of this fighting to rest

'cause we just wanna do
what we all wanna do
is that so wrong?
Track Name: stay
i couldn't see - i never tried to -
all those things that got us by
i fogot sentimental value
is figured by a million little lies
and if you call my name
i'll stay
this is where we all come back to
this is why we're still around
this is how we sleep all day
for a night out on the town
and if you call my name
i'll stay
Track Name: a confession
so i sit now on your doorstep
a place that's become a little too familiar for me
i am cold and i am hoarse and i am bursting at the seams
i just came here to tell you
this little secret about my heart
i wanted to try and catch you before you faded into the dark
see, you don't know
i've loved you since the moment you appeared
and now you gotta go
and you not knowing how i feel becomes my biggest fear

so here it goes
i've rehearsed it a million times
rearranged the sentences and structure and re-written every line
see, i've resigned
to love you 'til the end of my days
it's just my design
to want the one that's gotta go away

sweet melodrama...
i'm pretty good at it, i guess
i just wanted to get this off my chest